Russian presentation amazes Chinese international trade-show delegates


The presentation given by the new young Russian brand group Baba Yaga left visitors to the international China Import & Export Fair trade show in Guangzhou amazed and astounded. The group gave another display of the same presentation at China's largest commercial trade show - the Canton Fair-2018 import-export trade show.

The Baba Yaga brand group was presented by two twin grand-daughters – Katya and Volga Korol. Their presentation introduced a Baba Yaga doll, and other items produced by the brand. The program continued at a Russian Folk Party, in typical Russian style.

“The Russian spirit captivated all the trade-show visitors”, said an announcement from company representatives. Any visitors who wanted to could have their photograph taken with the performers, join in with competitions to win prizes, and even get to meet a real Russian Baba Yaga - the village wise-woman of ancient Russian tradition.

The previous week, Baba Yaga and her grand-daughters had taken part in a different international trade fair, where they presented their art project in Dubai - a presentation which whipped-up a real frenzy. Earlier, the BY brand had presented their Baba Yaga doll at the Hong Kong International Toy Fair, as BY brand spokesman Dmitry Morozov explained. There, the Baba Yaga doll had been voted as the Best Project in the industry for 2017, in a competition.

BY is a modern Russian brand, created for a new generation. One of the company's main aims is to foster patriotic spirit in even the youngest viewers, as well as encouraging love for friends and relatives, and for their Russian homeland.

The brand gave a colourful presentation

This young visitor was given a special Baba Yaga badge