"Leshy, I'm in Dubai". The Russian Baba Yaga takes over the world


She flies a hydromortar, maintains Instagram, presents Russia at international culture exhibitions and treats all to Arthur Pirozhkov's pirozhki. Russia's chief Baba Yaga has been crisscrossing the globe and has won over the Chinese, Arabs and Americans.

Wearing an orange headscarf, a vintage blouse spangled with stones and a full skirt to the floor, this Baba Yaga as if has leaped from the pages of a children's book with a collection of favorite fables about warrior heroes, Ivan the Prince, Leshy and Koshchei. It seems that we have imagined her so, listening to stories about the all-knowing witch from the primeval forests. She can concoct a potion, offer wisdom advice, and teach the art of magic.

"My darlings, greetings to all from China! I'm here at a folklore festival! Wow, it's exciting! Soon I'll upload a selfie to Instagram, don't miss it!" — I managed to call Yaga "360" in spite of problems with communication and the time zone difference. Listening to her voice, she is satisfied, and from the background noise, it is clear — someone again is asking to take a photo and is asking in English, "Are you from Russia?"

Yaga has gone abroad recently. In December, she visited Miami, having won over the sophisticated public at the Miami Art Week by her cultural authenticity. At the biggest in Asia International Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair for kids, she presented the latest offers in the world industry of kid games and toys, and, at the same time, showed the guests the Russian interactive charm doll "Folk Grannny". Afterwards, she inspired Irina Lagoshina, a sculptor from Russia, and became the central character of the art project in Dubai. It looked as follows: a carved golden bench, and sitting on it, a snow-white sculpture of a merry granny. It was as if she sat down for a moment for a chat with a passer-by.

The sculpture and the real and live Baba Yaga standing next to it attracted much attention.

"Let the whole world know that even in Rus there are super heroes!", the granny was laughing into the phone. "What force can stand up to me? The Iron Man, or Batman, or pooh-pooh-pooh, evil creatures? I can turn anyone into a bug."

But we know that Yaga is just scaring us – her heart really is good. Though some see her as an evil character, but it is she who most often helps the main character.

"Yes, I'm good, good! Those are the PR guys — Leshy and Koshchei, old fart — who have created the bad informational field around me, I'll fire both!" In image marketing, Yaga is more sophisticated than in the latest models of hydromortars. No more than a month has passed since she created a page in Instagram, and she already has 123,000 subscribers.

The granny is making daring passes with her admirers. For instance, she asks, "Who knows why I'm sad?" The subscribers offer the variants: Lost the mortar, due to Telegram, missing my dear Koshchei.

On top of this, Yaga loves to drop in on swinging parties and gives out mini rag dolls of herself to all those who wish.

I have challenged Aleksandr Revva to a granny battle! Once I came to his makeup room and asked, "Who is the toughest? You or me?" And we decided to have a battle. As soon as we set the date, I'll' call you, my dearest ones.

— Baba Yaga

"I'll introduce Chinese dragons to our Gorynych now and fly away! Though I haven't made up my mind yet to where to go," Yaga shares her plans for the future in a womanlike way. "Where I am, there’s Russian odor… and Russian spirit!" I dream of travelling across the entire planet, and for each town to have a bench like the one in Miami."

 The bench in sunny Miami has remained after the exhibition. If you want to sit together with the granny, go to the LIQUE Miami restaurant where you will see the art object at the entrance.


Source: 360tv.ru