Timati and Baba Yaga distributed 1000 burgers in Yekaterinburg


3,000 people attended the opening of Timati’s burger joint in Yekaterinburg. And to no one’s surprise, everyone wanted a fresh burger straight from Timati himself, helped, by the way, by none other than Baba Yaga. 

 On 21st February, the city’s residents packed out Vayner Street near Black Star Burger, the venue where the stage was set up for the artists’ performances and children’s groups. In the evening, Timati himself came onstage and started handing out burgers. And next to him, the stage was lit up by Baba Yaga. Despite her mature age, she entertained spectators for several hours and even started rapping. What else can you do when you’re standing onstage with Timati?

 Fun competitions, jokes, and raps from the nation’s babushka and, of course, fresh burgers — the perfect recipe for the perfect celebration. By the way, Timati was the one that cooked them, so that’s what you call homemade.

 It goes without saying that the fairytale grandmother didn’t come without gifts: many of those present were treated to BY brand rucksacks and t-shirts, and Baba Yaga had a doll, a miniature copy of herself, for Timati’s daughter.

 So, the official opening of the Black Star Burger turned out to be as exciting and vibrant as you get. It couldn’t have been any other way!