Russian Baba Yaga spotted in Monaco and France


Russian fairytale character causes a stir abroad

 Before foreign visitors even had the chance to get away from the warmth and hospitality of the ‘cold’ Russians during the World Cup, a colourful celebration was taking place on their own streets!

 Baba Yaga has been spotted in Monaco and France. Videos showing her adventures have captivated the web.

 The first clips show Baba Yaga riding her gyromortar along the promenade triumphantly waving her broom.

 ‘Who are you?’ asked the intrigued locals.

 ‘A Russian superhero!’ the babushka replied using the English she’d studied just for this very moment. Some particularly brave folks weren’t afraid to come up and take a selfie with the babushka and her wonderful granddaughters Katya and Volga Korol.

 Baba Yaga didn’t only entertain those passing by in the Principality, but also took part in a fashion show before heading off to Paris.

 Behind the wheel of the Baba Yaga mobile, the granny had no trouble covering the distance between Monaco and France, alongside her two beloved granddaughters Katya and Volga Korol.

 Baba Yaga greeted the French locals singing to the tune of Russian pop song ‘Kroshka Moya’ (My Little One) along the Champs-Élysées, accompanied everywhere by her twin granddaughters, Katya and Volga Korol.

 But one question remains: where’s next on the itinerary of the tireless Baba Yaga?