Baba Yaga took a ride on the gyromortar in Stavropol


Residents of Stavropol bore witness to a rather strange phenomenon: casually breezing along the side of the road alongside all the cars was Baba Yaga. 

 As is right and proper for the fairytale character, she wasn’t travelling on foot, but in her unique mode of transport, the gyromortar. 

 The modern-day Baba Yaga is an active old lady and always moves with the times. Just take a look at the gyromortar! It looks easy and simple to ride, but in fact, apart from this frail old lady, nobody else would manage it. 

 But for Baba Yaga, it’s easy. This is not her first such outing. As a matter of fact, another clip of the fairytale babushka riding her gyromortar was published on Odnoklassniki and was declared the best video in 2017 with over 100 million views.

 What can we say, the residents of Stavropol certainly had a lot of fun at the sight of such a performance! And by the way, Baba Yaga has never broken any traffic rules in any of the cities she’s ridden through. Of course, she’s been stopped many times by the traffic police (after all, it’s not every day that you see such a thing), but the most they’ve ever asked her for is a selfie. It must be her magical charisma!