Baba Yaga - russian super hero


 Want to listen to the jingles and get a ‘tip of the day’ from the toy Baba Yaga? Easy peasy! 

 On the 27th September, the unique Russian brand BY BABA YAGA was showcased at the Expo centre during the International World of Childhood 2018 exhibition. In just six months, the BY brand has developed into a whole range of product lines: super fashionable wardrobe essentials at affordable prices, mobile accessories, and even a Yagaphone! 

 Our Baba Yaga is a genuine superhero! Her motto is ‘Being Russian is trendy!’ and her mission is to remind people of their history and revive the love for Russian culture. 

 Some will argue ‘what kind of hero is she if she used to cook people on a shovel in a stove!’ as some stories claim. Well that’s where you’re wrong! Baba Yaga is a wise woman, a sorceress, living far away from everyone and at one with nature. She values courtesy and respect. Indeed, it was her who told Ivan where to find Koschei the Deathless. Remember? What did I tell you!