Baba Yaga raps with vlogger Dzharakhov


 In her rap battle with vlogger Dzharakhov, Baba Yaga raps the words ‘Babe with a beard’!

 At the end of September, during a VIP-Private Party at the Imperia Tower in the Moscow-City International Business Centre, the talk of the town was rapper Dzharakhov vs Baba Yaga and her twin granddaughters, Katya and Volga Korol. The party didn’t escape the attention of a man who knows a thing or two about rapping, becoming famous following the release of the hit ‘Black Beamer’ - Seryoga.

 Dzharakhov’s debut album held the top spot of the iTunes charts for two days, and the vlogger’s videos rack up on average 30 million views. Whereas Dzharakov and rap go hand-in-hand, you certainly wouldn’t expect this type of music from a fairytale grandmother, but as it turns out, you’d be wrong!

 Baba Yaga laid all of the audience’s doubts to rest. Having first warmed up with a few Russian folk songs, she went on to perform her new rap single RUSSIANSUPERHERO, featuring the lyrics ‘being a babe with a wart is better than being a babe with a beard.’ (By the way, Dzarakhov came to the party with a neatly trimmed beard, but surely this was just a coincidence).

 On the whole, the party took place with a very warm and friendly atmosphere: Dzarakhov praised Baba Yaga’s skills, noting that she was better onstage than him, and in turn, Baba Yaga paid tribute to the cakes at the buffet (although she did say that she would have baked better ones).

 Aside from positive vibes, one lucky guest also got a cool gift from the event’s organisers – an electric bike!