Baba Yaga became one of the stars of the PARUS festival in the UAE


Thousands attend unique open-air show

 Dubai hosted the main music event of the year, the international festival PARUS-2018. The event took place on the shores of the Persian Gulf near the Burj Al Arab, the hotel built in the shape of a sail. The unique open-air show was attended by thousands of spectators from the United Arab Emirates and abroad.

 The festival was opened by poet Ilya Reznik who composed poems especially for this significant event. The concert part of the festival was kicked off by one of Russia’s leading celebrities Grigory Leps. Over the course of the three days, fans were treated to performances by Egor Kreed, Polina Gagarina, Vera Brezhneva, Yuri Shevchuk and the band DDT, Ruki Vverh and many more, across several venues.

 The highlight of the programme was the appearance of Baba Yaga onstage. However, in contrast to her image from Slavic folklore, she was one of the most uplifting and jovial performers.

 BABA YAGA is a national superhero, blogger and Viner from Russia taking over from popular Western personalities. While maintaining the best part of her folklore character, she has already created her own modern image. Back in her homeland, her face can be seen more and more often on tripods and headphones, caps and t-shirts, notebooks and frying pans.

 Alongside her twin granddaughters, Katya and Volga Korol, Baba Yaga performed her vibrant hit ‘PARUS po-russki’ (PARUS in Russian). The hit was a roaring success with the international audience and even became the unofficial anthem of the PARUS-2018 festival.

 BABA YAGA also visited the AfterParty. At the party following one of the concerts, she surprised everyone there with a brilliant performance of her rap hit RUSSIANSUPERHERO. She didn’t miss out on the backstage either. She interviewed all her favourite artists, put a smile on the face of everyone attending and participating in the festival, told fascinating tales from her centuries-old life, and was happy to take photos with everyone who wanted one.

 By flooding everyone with positivity, she was the one who brought the Russian spirit to the PARUS-2018 festival. Baba Yaga helped residents of the United Arab Emirates and guests to Dubai from all corners of the globe get to know our country even more, bringing a touch of the Russian nation’s greatest treasure, its thousands of years of history and culture.