Bronze Baba Yaga sculpture in Ufa


The Baba Yaga sculpture was mostly met with fondness by locals.

 Today, on 4th December, a photo has emerged on social media showing a new art object which has appeared in front of the entrance to the Bashkiria Lifestyle shopping centre in Ufa. This time around, it was the turn of a very colourful Baba Yaga to take her place in the sun, looking relaxed while sitting on a bench. Judging by the vacant spot next to the magical fairytale character, it can be assumed that this space is for taking photos next to her, an opportunity that visitors to the shopping centre have not failed to take advantage of.

 More detailed information about the regional capital’s new art object has not yet appeared on the city council’s website. But the overwhelming majority on social media have only had positive things to say about the new sculpture, noting that Baba Yaga actually looks rather realistic and is a pleasant change from previous urban art objects in the city, some of which shocked the public with their disproportionate head sizes and unexpected chocolate colouring.