Baba Yaga


Baba Yaga – one of the most ancient characters in Russian folklore. Out of all mythologies, only appears in Slavic fairy tales. She personifies a powerful and clever magician capable of various good deeds to protect people from evil in physical and spiritual form.

For many centuries her image has been distorted depicting an ancestress possessing secret knowledge in a body of a scary old witch. But the clever Baba Yaga in reality just waited centuries in order to return to her native intent. Leaving her secret hideout in the woods, she decided to act in order to preserve and revive Russian culture to protect her homeland from evil and the powers of darkness, to nurture a new generation with respect to Russia – a land of ancient history and traditions.

In order to perform her duty in the modern world, Baba Yaga along with her assistants takes upon various unexpected affairs. Participates in concerts, travels the world and writes songs understandable to all. Her kind deeds have instantly made an impact and made her a hero to millions of Internet users worldwide.

Sculptures dedicated to Baba Yaga are already exhibited in several Russian cities and have quickly earned national love. If one sits on a bench next to this magical heroic figure and ask a question, a wise answer can be obtained. If a wish is made, then Baba Yaga will try to make it come true.

In order to portray our unique and diversified culture, Baba Yaga often becomes an art object during famous international exhibitions. Even on the other side of the globe she is becoming famous and intriguing while making visitors happy. Her unlimited kindness, a joke or wise knowledge, a smile or an unexpected gift – she is always willing to give in order to lead people to good.

Modern Baba Yaga is ready for any unusual adventures to fight injustice and to show the best qualities of the mysterious Russian people and inspire others to perform acts of kindness and achievements.